Bendra Lietuvos - Švedijos įmonė "SveLita"

About the company: Lithuanian - Swedish joint venture "SveLita" established and working since 1993 and belongs to private investors from Sweden and Lithuania. Today 35 employes are trying to provide best service for "SveLita" customers.
"SveLita" is working in Lithuania and on export markets: Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia.
Please contact us - we are ready to inform you about our products and services.

SveLita profile:

  • aluminium - glass constructions
  • automatic and revolving doors
  • security doors and barriers
  • fencing systems
  • industrial doors and docking
  • hangar and large size doors
  • service of our products and installations

Contact information:

  BĮ UAB "SveLita"
Vokiečių st. 185, 
LT-45251 Kaunas
Bsno 110553954 
VAT code LT105539515

Phone: (+370 37) 32-14-80
Fax: (+370 37) 32-10-37