Revolving doors

UAB "SveLita" supplies, installs and services Boon Edam revolving doors. Boon Edam is a Dutch company founded in 1873 and produces a revolving doors since 1903. Boon Edam also manufactures security doors and barriers. Boon Edam door is reliable and supports modifications to accurately meet customer needs.

Currently, Boon Edam supplies all the models suitable for any contemporary or renovated building. These doors are always open, and at the same time closed. Open for people, but closed for cold or heat, dirt, noise, dust. Wide choice of models allows customer to customize a wide range of destinations and the architecture of the buildings. 

  • TOURNIKET - small and medium-diameter, fixed ceiling, three and four-leaf
  • CRYSTAL TOURNIKET - continuous glass sides of the door-leaf and the ceiling, underground transmission
  • TOURNEX - large-diameter, rotating ceiling, three and four-leaf
  • DUOTOUR - large diameter, the two-leaf with outer segments, integrated swing or sliding doors
  • TWINTOUR - a unique two double-leaf pattern. High-capacity and convenience of use. Broad building opportunities